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SmallStart Ventures is pleased to announce that Gibraltar Business Valuations has agreed to appraise and determine a fair market value for all companies in the SmallStart Ventures' business startup portfolio. Gibraltar Business Valuations is a leading service provider to companies seeking independent verification of value of their business, and will be a fundamental part of the SmallStart divestiture process. Gibraltar Business Valuations is based out of Chicago with offices in Denver and Salt Lake City and has over 100 years collective business valuation experience.

"Critical to our business model is having fair valuations at the time of divestiture for our client companies," said Robert Samuelsen, President and CEO of SmallStart Ventures. Businesses are valued based on cash flow, growth, balance sheet, intellectual property, and other criteria. Some industries vary in how a valuation is determined and for how much a company might be sold. An accurate valuation is important to both buyer and seller in recognizing the fair market value and also in obtaining financing.

Don Drysdale of Gibraltar Business Valuations explains, "having visibility three years in advance of a company is completely unique in our industry. Gibraltar Business Valuations is proud to be a partner with SmallStart Ventures."

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