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Guiding Light Senior Care, LLC

Guiding Light Senior Care is the first small business to be started as part of the SmallStart Ventures family of companies. Guiding Light is a full service senior care placement service that assists families with the challenges associated with finding quality living support for their aging loved ones. Wendy Lourenco is the featured entrepreneur who will be managing Guiding Light. Wendy has five years of experience in this field and is a trained senior advisor, an IIN health and nutrition certified specialist, a certified nursing assistant, and is state certified as and adult care technician (caregiver). Wendy, without a doubt, fits the H.I.P criteria that SmallStart is looking for in the entrepreneurs that we work with.

The main service that Guiding Light provides is senior living options for aging adults. When an adult's life comes to a point that they need assistance in living, it is a huge change to their entire livelihood, and can be extremely stressful. Wendy's focus is on client comfort, both during the placement and after. She is completely focused on making sure her client's needs are met and that their new surroundings are as close to home as possible.

Guiding Light performs a personalized assessment interview with each client to start the process. This assessment not only helps the placement specialist to clearly understand the client's needs - but also their desires - before starting the placement process. This is a very crucial step to make the move as smooth, and comfortable, as possible.

Guiding Light also offers assistance with finding professional in-home senior care, or independent living arrangements, for those clients that may be limited, but are not ready to move into an assisted living facility.

Another very valuable service that Guiding Light offers is providing life-assist equipment. Life-assist equipment are items such as wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, hand railing, shower lifts, and an assortment of other aids. Guiding Light can provide options to buy or rent these items, if needed.

SmallStart Ventures is proud to have Guiding Light Senior care as our flagship small business and we are excited for its growth and success. For more info on Guiding Light or to visit with Wendy on how they may help someone you know, visit their website at .

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