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Welcome to SmallStart Ventures Inc. Your one-stop business launchpad providing the necessary capital and resources to help businesses launch, grow and thrive. 

We know that many men and women have developed superior skills within their chosen fields. However, they may have reached a point in their careers wherein they're no longer satisfied and now want to take control of their destinies. Moreover, there are people who may have been out of the workforce due to family responsibilities (i.e., mothers and fathers) or perhaps even incarcerated for several years. These people may have the skills and entrepreneurial drive that can be applied toward creating a business, but they don't have the necessary resources to make those businesses successful.

Our resources and services are crucial because over 20% of businesses fail after the first year, 50% after five years, and over 67% by the tenth year. The key reasons for these business failures include not satisfying market needs, not having sufficient capital, and lacking administrative, marketing, strategic, and personnel resources. 

Our Mission:

To identify enthusiastic and capable prospects from a diversity of backgrounds, empower them with the tools,

inspiration, and leadership necessary to launch and grow their businesses to levels of success that far exceed national averages.

SmallStart Ventures Inc. provides the capital, resources and know-how to help businesses get off the ground from a strategic perspective, rather than from an uninformed and emotional perspective. With our expansive network of industry-based consultants and success coaches at their side, selected entrepreneurs can focus their energy on learning and growing their business without the constant fear of failure. 

We have the solutions that will help your business succeed and thrive. Please peruse our website to learn more about our services and business model. Then if you believe that you have what it takes, Contact Us to schedule a Free Strategic Consultation.  We are looking forward to hearing from you soon. 



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SmallStart Ventures Inc. provides the tools, resources, and services necessary for small businesses to succeed. For example, we provide the CAMPS Ecosystem for each of our candidates (Capital, Accounting & Administration, Marketing & Sales, Personnel Management, and Strategic Planning). We provide the initial capital to launch a business, pay the initial operating expenses, and pay the salaries of our candidates. In addition, we provide administration services, including accounting, IT, marketing, and personnel management. With the capital and back-office services provided, our candidates can focus their energies on running the day-to-day operations of their business. However, just running their business effectively

Entrepreneur Magazine lists the following top reasons for why small businesses fail:

  • Lack of Capital

  • Lack of Administration

  • Lack of Marketing

  • Lack of Resources

  • Lack of Strategies

SmallStart Ventures mitigates risks by providing the CAMPS Ecosystem:

  • Capital for Startup & Growth

  • Accounting & Administration

  • Marketing & Sales

  • Personnel Management

  • Strategic Consultants/Mentors 

doesn't guarantee success. Hence, SmallStart Ventures Inc also provides its candidates with mentors who are experts within their industry and success coaches who have similar social, cultural, and life experiences. These mentors and coaches will help our candidates develop business and personal strategies, implement their strategies and then adjust their strategies as needed.  



SmallStart Ventures Inc. mitigates many of the typical risks faced by small business startups. We do this by being very selective in whom we choose to work with. We only work with hardworking individuals who exhibit the utmost integrity and who have a passion for their business ideas. Once we have selected an entrepreneur, we apply a rigorous process for implementing their business concept, managing and growing their business, and then facilitating the financing necessary for them to purchase their business outright. 

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We are looking for...

  • Hard-working individuals who exhibit
    the utmost

  • Integrity and have a

  • Passion for their business idea.

We want HIP people!
  • Hardworking

    • Willing to learn

    • Rigorous application and screening

    • Positive outcome in personality & screening tests

  • Integrity

    • Honest with integrity

    • References

    • Passes all background checks

  • Passion

    • Already in the industry

    • Brings expertise

    • Burning desire to excel

SmallStart Ventures Inc is very selective in whom we choose to work with. We only work with Hardworking individuals who exhibit the utmost Integrity and who have a Passion for their business ideas (HIP). The process for selecting our candidates and launching their businesses include the following:

  1. Application -- Candidates complete an application and provide letters of recommendation. Candidates must also complete a "How To Start And Grow A Business" course that is provided by one of our partners.

  2. Pre-Acceptance -- Candidates will go through background checks and psychological evaluations.

  3. Acceptance -- Candidates will enter into Employment and Acquisition Agreements. 

  4. Business Plan --  Candidates will participate in creating a business plan for their concept so that they understand the nuts and bolts of managing their business.

  5. Business Launch -- Candidates will launch their business and assume General Manager responsibilities. They will manage the business for approximately three years before procuring it to assume 100% ownership.

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To begin the application process, please take the following survey:



Gibraltar Business Valuations is a professional valuation firm with offices in Chicago, Denver, and Salt Lake City.  Don Drysdale is the general partner of the business and has agreed to be a strategic partner with SmallStart Ventures.  Don is a CPA with more than 25 years doing valuations of all types.  He is very well recognized in the industry and a very honorable partner.


Community Wealth Builders is a financial advisory firm that is assisting SmallStart Ventures with its fundraising but also to be a resource for all SmallStart entrepreneurs.  Marico Tippett is the lead advisor and owner of Community Wealth Builders and part of his charge is to help the SmallStart entrepreneurs fiscally prepare to acquire their business by the end of the three-year period. 

Pamla Davitt, Inventor of HOPS® Hands On Proactive Strategy, is our partner who is granting exclusive license for her patented business methodology to SmallStart Ventures, ensuring the success of the businesses we grow for and with each entrepreneur.


Small Business Administration is a partner in the sense that the model is designed to work specifically within the parameters of the SBA.  All SmartStart companies begin with the end in mind and part of that is setting it up to be sold using SBA financing. 


SBA banks will be predisposed to finance all SmallStart transactions because all SmallStart businesses will be following an SBA regimen from inception to sale. 

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Please contact us if you have any questions about our business opportunities. We'll help you...
* Identify your current situation and the biggest problem that you face.

* Determine what you want and how to achieve it in the best way possible.

* Determine if you’re ready to step up, commit, take action, and do the required work.

* Determine the fit… and if good, we’ll invite you to work with us. If not good, that’s okay too… there are no obligations.

Either way, you’ll receive a valuable strategy session and walk away with a newfound clarity as to where you are right now and what’s holding you back from achieving your business goals.

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